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Covered Butter Dish in White with Vintage Botanical illustration

Covered Butter Dish in White with Vintage Botanical illustration


Beautiful Ceramic Butter Dish 

  • Speckled White glaze with vine decoration
  • lid also has a little vine
  • Approx 6.5 w" x 4h"
  • holds 1 stick of butter - cut in 1/2 side by side
  • A slight variation with each one 
  • Each butter dish will have slight variations in size and glaze color and overlap - this is part of the beauty of handmade.

1- the base has a small lip so the butter stays in the middle and not on the lid
2. I make my knobs large - nothing worse than the lid slipping out of your hands
3. They are very sturdy unless you throw them on the floor.
4. Tested in many kitchens with great success and durability


I am a full-time professional studio potter, dedicated to excellence in craftsmanship. I have been designing and crafting practical, high-quality ceramics for over three decades, attracting thousands of satisfied customers from every part of the country.


All of my pottery is made one by one. It has a long journey from me to you and with good care it will last you a lifetime. I take great pride in making high quality pieces for you and your home.

You can email me anytime with questions and I can accommodate custom orders.

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