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Foodie Ceramics

Your Bridges Pottery is food-friendly and my glazes are free of both lead and cadmium and are in accordance with Prop 65.


Bridges Pottery is food-safe and dishwasher-safe. Handwashing is always preferred. Care as you would for fine china. Wash with soap and hot water and a soft sponge.

If using in the oven, place items in a room-temperature oven and heat to the desired temperature. Items are microwave-safe for up to 2 minutes. Thermal shock will break pottery. Never use Bridges Pottery on a stovetop or open flame.


Each piece is handmade and hand-glazed. My pots and decorative pieces are all signed and show a high quality of craftsmanship. Each piece had a long journey to get to you, and with proper care, it will last a lifetime.


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Care for your Bridges Pottery
ceramic match striker

"Strike it Up"
Match Strikers

My unique  "Strike it Up" match strikers are my own special design.  I have been making these for close to a decade. Use the stoneware match striker on your mantle or table. Only “strike anywhere” matches will ignite when striking them on the unglazed portion of the piece.


Hold the match at a slight angle against unglazed clay for best results. Be sure the white tip of the match is intact when striking. Rest your used match on the rim. You can purchase “strike anywhere” matches at hardware/ home supply stores.

If you are having difficulty getting 

your match to light please check

to see you have fresh matches and they are the correct type. Strike anywhere matches will strike on any hard surface that can cause friction so the unglazed area on the piece is the strike area. Watch the demonstration in the video.



3 (8).jpeg
Ceramic Match Striker
Strike anywhere  matches
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