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handmade ceramic bowls
Patricia Bridges

I grew up in New Hampshire, in the Hanover area where my family had a small farm of sheep and chickens. I still have deep roots in the area and regularly spend time there with my family. Much of my work reflects a warm New England sensibility.

I began my relationship with clay at a very young age and have been making pots for over three decades. In high school, I had the opportunity to take classes with an inspiring art teacher and potter. By the time I was a senior in high school I had a wheel and kiln.

My father, a retired psychiatrist, dedicated his time to blacksmithing and metal sculpture.  He was very much into his craft and supported me in my artistic development. My first formal ceramic training was through the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. I learned some excellent fundamentals and used them as a springboard to teach myself more. I continued studying ceramics through college, apprenticed for several well-established studio potters in Western Massachusetts, and maintained a small studio of my own.

Over the years my work as a potter has been interwoven with other endeavors in the business world. After getting my BA in college I went to graduate school for an MBA. I worked in Marketing for many years and my last corporate job was at Reuters as a Vice President of Marketing & PR. 


Patricia Bridges Family

As a kid in the barnyard. We raised Shropshire sheep and chickens. 

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