Valentines Day, Heart shape, berry bowl, ceramic colander

Berry Bowl, Small Ceramic Colander, Heart Shape Burnt Red /trim


My signature Colanders and Berry Bowl in a HEART shape

  • beautiful speckled burnt red/orange with a highlight on the rim
  • the perfect size holds more than a container of strawberries - practical for storing away!
  • leave your fruit in it on the table, wash and let dry in this colander
  • comes with a catch plate
  • measures Approx 7" x 3.25"
  • each with a unique pattern of overlap and holes
  • expect some variation in size and glaze- the beauty of handmade
  • Food Friendly/ Dishwasher Safe (handwashing recommended)


I am a full-time professional studio potter, dedicated to excellence in craftsmanship. I have been designing and crafting practical, high-quality ceramics for over three decades, attracting thousands of satisfied customers from every part of the country.


All of my pottery is made one by one. It has a long journey from me to you and with good care, it will last you a lifetime. I take great pride in making high-quality pieces for you and your home.

You can email me anytime with questions and I can accommodate custom orders.

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